The Untraditional Topiary

What is "The Untraditional Topiary?"

I have always had a love for decorating, everything around my house inside and out, and when a birthday party or special event came around I always jumped in with both feet and planned the most festive parties down to every detail much like the decorating that I did.

I think it is the fine details that define events, the million little small things that roll up into create one stunning “show” so to speak.

Over the years I have created many whimsical topiaries as centerpieces and one day a friend of mine suggested I start doing this as a business and thus “the untraditional topiary” was born.

Each of my topiaries is a one of a kind design although there might be similar “themes” I use different types of ribbon or elements in each design. I believe each event or home is special and unique and I like to create topiaries that reflect the special feeling for each client.

I only use the highest of quality ribbons and trims and look for the most creative containers for each of my creations.

The Untraditional Topiary is truly a chic alternative to flowers!

Check out the Gallery of Untraditional Topiaries I have made.

If you'd like to work with me and purchase an Untraditional Topiary please read my Terms & email me to place an order. I will invoice you via paypal and add you to the wait list. Fill out your order form within one week