FAQ about The Untraditional Topiary

FAQ and Terms for The Untraditional Topiary

What forms of payments do you accept?
All payments are processed through PayPal; you do not need an account with PayPal for a credit card purchase. PayPal is a secure online credit card processing company that processes payments on our behalf. By submitting your deposit, you are agreeing to these terms. Please let me know if your name on your paypal account is different from the one on your order for. Once I am ready to start your topiary you will be billed for the balance which is to be paid in full at that time.

Wait Time
The wait list is an estimate of how long you will wait for your topiary to be made and then we will send it out which will take however long USPS takes to get to you. While it is usually fairly accurate, it could vary by a week or two. The turnaround time for a custom design is typically 1-2 weeks. 

How soon can I expect my order?
Your order will be processed upon your payment being received. Average turnaround time is 2-4 weeks, depending on how customized your topiary is but some can take up to 6 weeks if I am waiting on special materials for your topiary.

Are Rush orders possible?
Yes rush orders are possible but how fast will depend on our current workload and there will be an additional charge of $100.00                                                                                                                 
How do you ship?
We ship via USPS on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays except holidays. Once you receive an email that your order has been shipped you should receive it within a few days, but please understand we are not the US Postal Service and once it leaves our studio we cannot control outside situations.

Why does it take so long?
The average custom topiary takes 2 weeks to complete unless you have requested things that I will have to order which will hold up time a bit, it is my first goal to complete your topiary as quick as possible.

How customized can you make these?
Part of the art of making my “untraditional topiaries” is that I can make them from ribbon of all types, for charity events, every charity has a “colored ribbon,” or sororities, fraternities; for your house designs, rush, workshops, for football tailgates, birthday parties, wedding, bar-mitzvah’s. If you name it I’m sure we can come up with something creative that you will love! Please understand that we are happy to work with you on school colors, or sports teams’ colors but we will only include trademarked ribbon if it is available for a school or sports team.

Can I send my own ribbon?
If you have a specific object or fabric you would like me to use to create your order, you may mail it to me at your own expense, but I assume no responsibility for damage, theft or loss. I will also accept digital photographs of rooms or items to use as inspiration, but items in photographs are not always true to color. If you have a specific paint name or fabric you would like for me to use, this may affect price; discuss this with me prior to ordering

Will I need to pay any additional fees?
I try my best to give an all inclusive price (plus shipping)depending on how custom your topiary is, which is why the topiaries have a price range starting at $65.00. The sky is the limit on the design, so depending on what type of container, or ribbon, or monogramming these would reflect a higher price. Please note i might not attach the "head" from the body depending on the size of the topiary, in which case it is very easy for you to assemble when it arrives.

Can I return my topiary?
Please keep in mind that all items are hand-crafted by me; not two topiaries will be   exactly alike which is part of the beauty of buying something handmade.

Due to the customized nature of special orders, refunds are not provided under any circumstances. If you do purchase something from stock and have a problem with it please let me know within 5 days and I will be happy to exchange your item but please note I cannot refund the shipping and handling costs.